Friday, May 14, 2010

Email Home- No Subject Line

Hi Okasan! 

I'm just here at the airport waiting for the rest of us to get here.  Last night I slept for 14 hours straight and would have kept it up had my people not woken me up to head to the market.  We are staying in a hotel tonight in Accra and then we will take a bus to Wiamoase in the morning.  People here are really nice and friendly.  It is so hot though.  And the drivers!  I swear I watched cars come an inch away from my side about 4 times... Maybe coming back I won't freak out when other people drive?

So tomorrow (I hope) I am buying a SIM card so i can have minutes and such of my own.  I'm still not sure how many minutes I can get for a few CD, but I know it is a lot cheaper than calling from America so I should probably set up a "call at this time this day" system.  What are your thoughts?

Another fun thing.  White people are only found at the airport, so when you are hailing taxis they like to charge "the obruni tax" (white mans tax).  Lucky for us Kwasi (the guy who was teaching us Twi last semester) told us how to haggle down to what it was normally (about 70 cents a person on average). 

Better go before my minutes run out, or the power goes out (has in the last hour twice....).  I'll update you as soon as I can.  Especially about this whole meeting the chief thing?  Our landlady is supposed to be couching us on that etiquite though.  For basics, no left hand usage, bring gifts, and don't cross your legs.  So we'll see if I get ostracized and have to go a town over haha. 
I love you all and miss you.  I hope all is well at home. 

Also, I don't have Sarah's email, I think I lost it in London.  Would you mind sending that my way?  Or she can email me with questions for her project that I can answer for her.

Love you all!

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