Monday, May 17, 2010

Email Home- "Update!"

Hello Everybody!\

wow i hardly know where to start. this keyboard is really weird so please ignore the spelling and punctuation stuff.  we have been staying in kumasi for the last two nights.  it has the biggest market in west africa in it that we are checking out before we head for wiamoase, the village we are actually staying at.

lets see.  our hotel was rather ineresting.  i figured out that i really am a bit of a princess.  the bed sheets were stained brown and yellow, and in one place, red whcih was awesome.  my sheets were ripped in half, but i didn't use them anyways.  yikes.  it is so hot here.  it feels like that feeling when you just get outo f the gym or done runing but you can never escape it.  sweat just falls down your body all day long and you just get used to it i guess.  i lay in bed for hours and hours before i finally fal asleep, and then a rooster always ges up at 3;45 each morning hahaha.  it will be nice being in wiamoase, that is for sure.  oh, and even though they had flushing toilets none of tem actually flushed, so it just stunk up everything.  then there was the guy jerking off with the door open that i got to see....

but! on the good side, i am really loving the oportunity to get to know my group.  we are all so different but it has been fun learning from each other about each other.  yesterday we just sat around during the hot part of hte day and talked, napped, chilled, and it was so different than what i am used to.  i guess there are a few of us in the group who are hoping to learn how to relax from this experience.  that woldbe nice for everyone i am sure haha.

while i remember, thank you so so so much for the massage okasan.  i think it definaely helped me in general for this whole week in transition.  love you so much. :-)

so lets see.... the taxis are interesting.  they always charge us more, but what can you do.  so now we fit all 7 of us in, and that is all kinds of interesting for breaking down social barriers.  today we are ridding a tro tro, whcih is basically a hollowed out van wehre they stick as many people and goats in as possible and just go.  haha, so yeah.  that will be fun.

it does not look like i am getting a phone today.  but i did get my sim card so i will for sure be able to call next sunday.  i'm thinking probababnly about the same time as yesterday?  it sure was nice talking to you guys.  i love and miss you all, and i feel like there is so much to tell.  i can't wait till i can settle in and gather up my thuoghts so that i can better express them too you.  just know that i am safe and will be the whole time i am here, and that i love you all.


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