Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello family and friends!

I’m here and alive in Dubai. I have officially fallen in love with Emirates. It is basically a cruise in the air. I was served a five-course meal, pick from hundreds of movies, TV channels, music, and audio books for free, and since the plane was maybe 1/6th full I could sprawl out and take up the entire row to catch up on some sleep. I can honestly say I had a great time on my six-hour flight! In fact, I was kind of frustrated that I could not finish my movie.

It is a weird thing when people know you are an American before you even open your mouth or flash a passport that is the wrong color. It’s interesting to see my language as the sub captions for once. I love it. They even have rooms for prayer and showers. If only I did not check my toothbrush and shampoo…


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  1. I LOVED flying on Air Emirates. I think the napkins they give you are real cashmere. They really go all out. Glad that part of the journey was cushy.