Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello everyone!

Wow it has been such a great week! The project is going well. I’m making friends, and also finding that it is more meaningful and helpful for my research in general to establish that rapport before getting into my research. We celebrated a few birthdays, and the neighbors were kind enough to cook dinner for us all. Both Ghana and the US are going on to the second round in the World Cup, and we are all very excited about our mid semester retreat next week.
London is also creeping up on the horizon. We jotted down a few of the places we want to see. It is hard to believe that in a matter of weeks I will be staying at Cambridge, visiting the pub that C.S. Lewis lectured in, walking the groves where Virginia Woolf contemplated, and watching a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Nate also delighted us with his oldest sisters love story. She met her British husband on a study abroad in London at a coffee shop, where he asked her about the book she was reading, which happened to be Pride and Prejudice. I’m such a sucker for transatlantic relationships! Anyways, I might have to sit down with a book for a few hours and try my luck at it.

Oh, and next summer I am pretty much sold on India. J


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