Saturday, June 5, 2010

Email Home- "Ma Che (Good Morning)"

Hello everyone!

Well, another week here in Wiamoase.  I sure am having a great time.
I do feel bad if my last email gave off a vibe of everyone being
impoverished and miserable.  I'd just like to say that the people here
are also really happy, and have a whole lot to offer as well, and I
love learning about that.

Okay, I made a bullet list, I'm just going to go through really fast
before the "lights go out" as they call it.  Aka no more power.  I got
a dress made!  I love it very much.  I went and picked out some
fabric, they eye balled me, and then I went and picked it up.  I can't
breathe in it very well, but I feel like a woman again.  Some of the
girls cracked and busted out some of their makeup they are saving for
London.  One of these days I might give in.  But my dress makes me
feel pretty, and I'm excited to wear it to church!

Also, my creative writing lessons are not exactly working out.  It's
all part of the research experience I guess though, right?  I checked
out the Jr. High yesterday and I actually found a literature class!
When I was copying down the schedule I copied down the letters L-I-T,
hardly daring to put them together, and when I was confirmed in my
suspicion I leaped for joy.  I sat in and observed it.  Interesting,
that is for sure.  I have ten thousand questions for the one question
I came out here asking.  What are the attitudes of learning English
and written expression?

Funny times for the week, I went to the market right when the primary
school was coming out.  I was swarmed with a bunch of bouncing kids
yelling "obruni obruni!."  No one was with me, and I actually got a
little panicy.  There were two on each arm, and when I looked back,
there were kids as far as the eye can see.  They sure are cute.  All
of them.  So much fun.

Also our good time of good health looks like it is over.  Nate got a
parasite, and he has lost 15 lbs already.  I have been being a mommy,
buying him Coke to settle his stomach, making sure he takes his
medicine with bread, etc.  He acts like such a tough guy I hardly know
what to do with him, or know when he is actually feeling okay.
Reminds me of Okasan a little bit!  Chase has a fever today, and so we
think it is Malaria, and Danielle had us scared yesterday with a
headache (another symptom), but the rest of us are okay so far!  We
are willing to hope for the best, but we have the medication on hand
to catch it ASAP so it will only last a few days.  We are taken care
of, no worries.

Oh, and we found a snake at the other house.  Danielle, not having her
glasses in, thought it was a rope and almost kicked it, before Akua,
their landlord, came out and started screaming.  I guess it is one of
the most posinous snakes in Africa.  Everyone started screaming and a
guy came running down the lane in the dark to see what was going on.
He got a fufu pounding stick and just started mashing it.  We were
debating whether that knight in shinning armor treatment would happen
in Provo?  It is unsettled haha.

I have also learned some hymns in Twi.  They are really something.
Most of them have something about shaking your butt that god gave you
in them.  I'm thinking I will try singing that in sacrament meeting
when I get back, maybe they won't give me an insane calling anymore
haha.  But they are so fun, really!  I can't wait to try out a few
churches here and get a feel for the culture.  They say that Ghana is
like a big BYU campus.  Everyone is friendly, and everyone wants to
talk religion.  (Or so the temple workers told us.)

Also, we have not meet the chief yet!  A little odd.  Maybe it is not
as important as I thought.  We were a little stressed.  We do have a
funeral to attend today though.  The boys are dressed up in what looks
like pretty printed sheets and the girls are all wearing red and
black.  It's supposed to be more like a party though.  It will be
interesting to come it to my paradigm.

Also, I feel bad that I have missed like 3 graduations and a
wedding... Send everyone my love and congratulations if you see them.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Love and miss you!

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