Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giving Back

I just got this email today:

Hello Rachel

I stumbled unpon your blog today and absolutely LOVE it am Ghanaian myself and  currently live in London so it was quite refreshin gto read up on your adventures sounds like you had a blast....your page lead me to your face book also beautiful pictures am so impressed.  Wasn't quite sure are you in the states??

This is not the first comment I have had like this.  It is so nice to see that the work I did in Ghana not only benefited me, but also others, including Ghanaians, who have found my blog. So far I have had over 15,000 page views since this blog was created, the vast majority came after my experience in the field. Yet because of the blog medium I chose to record my research in, I am able to give back and continue my learning process by engaging in discussion with others still interested in my topic.

In addition, my 2011 Inquiry Conference presentation was accepted to this year's NCUR Conference at Weber this year.  I applied last minute, but out of 3,500 submissions, mine was one of the abstracts accepted.  I am excited to further share what I have done on this blog with an academic community.

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