Tuesday, August 10, 2010

“Akua! Akua! Good morning.”
“Yes my sister. How are you?”
“Please, I am fine, I hope you are also doing fine.”
“By Gods grace.”
“So the obruni’s are leaving eh? Back to America?”
“By Gods grace, do I lie?”
“Eh! Please, do you dink that dey have done well? Dat dey have finished der job?”
“Mmmm, Somehow.”
“Will dey come back?”
“Please, and dat dey are writing some kind of book, eh?”
“Mmmm. But you know de proverb Auntie, one should not believe all stories narrated by a solitary traveler.”
“Yes yes, but der are a few to tell it, but it is unfortunate I have been so busy. I enjoyed der stay. I myself will miss them.
“Well at the gate of heaven then?”
“By God’s grace, somehow.”


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